MaxPlayer - Providers

In search of a versatile cross-platform IPTV Player that goes beyond the limitations of a typical IPTV Player?

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Experience a safe and flexible IPTV ecosystem.

Our team has designed a secure and enclosed ecosystem that prioritizes the safety of your list data and customer information. Rest assured, your playlists are fully protected from credentials leaks.

Additionally, we understand the importance of flexibility, so we've made it easy to update domains with just a few clicks. Even if you decide to migrate to a new domain, you can effortlessly transfer all your users with just a few simple steps.

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    Cross-Platform Convenience

    Empowering Provider Growth, with Cross-Platform Convenience

    To fully leverage the MaxPlayer ecosystem, we have ensured compatibility across all possible platforms. Our system allows each account access to up to 5 devices and 5 subusers, strategically designed to foster increased user connections and provider growth.

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      Custom Solutions & Support

      Tailored Solutions and Expert Tech Support

      Our custom APIs for IPTV Panels ensure smooth communication between MaxPlayer and your panel, allowing easy user import to MaxPlayer with just a few clicks. Additionally, our automation capabilities enable hassle-free user creation directly from your panel. We prioritize direct communication with our developers, empowering you with real-time debugging and the ability to fix bugs as soon as possible.

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